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If you are an adult and you are looking for therapy support, please contact my colleague, Dr. Tasleem Damji at 613-263-9877, or refer to her website   Dr. Damji will be offering services out of our office beginning in September 2015.

Monika Green and Greg Hill, registered psychotherapists, are available to provide therapy services for children in our office.  They can be contacted at:   (Monika will be on maternity leave until 2018)

Greg Hill: 613-720-4998

Facebook Page:

Recommended Links:

Information re: mental health and resources in the Ottawa area:

Websites explaining Collaborative Problem Solving approach to parenting/treating children with behavioural challenges:

Dr. Martin Kutscher's website, containing book references:

ACT and Mindfulness:

Sites for anxiety information and support:

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