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The following professionals are available to provide therapy services for children in our office.  Please contact them directly if you are looking for treatment support: 

Monika Green, registered psychotherapist and play therapist:

Victoria Coombes, registered social worker and play therapist:

Yvonne Collins, registered psychotherapist (ages 12 and up):

Madelaine Erazo,  registered psychotherapist:

Bianca D'Agostino, registered psychotherapist:

If you are an adult and you are looking for therapy support, please contact my colleagues: 

Laura McArthur-Gupta, registered psychotherapist 613-761-2883

Kris Cormier, registered psychotherapist

Veronique Livermore, registered psychotherapist

Wendy Spenst, registered psychotherapist -psychotherapy for adults who have experienced an acquired brain injury.   613-983-3500.

Village Professional Services practice webpage:

Facebook Page:

Recommended Links:

Information re: mental health and resources in the Ottawa area:

Websites explaining Collaborative Problem Solving approach to parenting/treating children with behavioural challenges:

ACT and Mindfulness:

Sites for anxiety information and support:

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