A typical psycho-educational assessment will require two 3-hour testing sessions with the child.  Further sessions may be required, depending on the complexity of the assessment referral, and the child's needs.  As part of the assessment process, parents will be asked to complete a background information form, in order to provide a comprehensive developmental history.  Approximately  two weeks following the completion of testing/interviews, a feedback meeting will be held with parents to discuss assessment results and recommendations.  A comprehensive written report will also be provided at this meeting.  Older children and adolescents are welcome to attend the feedback meeting.  Youth aged 16 and older must attend feedback, and must consent to the sharing of results with parents.   

Please note: In families where parents are separated or divorced, consent of both parents, in writing, must be obtained prior to the commencement of the assessment of a minor child, unless a legal document is provided indicating one parent has sole custody.  Involvement of both parents, wherever possible, is strongly encouraged.  

Types of tests administered:

* Cognitive ability/ intelligence tests

* Memory tests   

* Motor skills tests                    

* Neuro-psychological tests

* Executive functioning tests

* Nonverbal intelligence tests 

* Academic achievement tests

Parents/caregivers, teachers and children may also be asked to complete rating scales assessing:

* attention

* impulsivity/hyperactivity

* anxiety

* mood

* behaviour

* symptoms of Autism/ASD

Please note: it is up to the parents' discretion as to whether information is obtained from the child's school.  Although this information is very helpful, it is not mandatory.  School personnel require parental consent in order to provide information to a third party regarding any child.  

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